Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bell Island Iron Ore Mines

The ghosts of long dead Bell Island miners still work their shifts beneath Newfoundland's chilly waters.

Mine Number 2 on Bell Island, Newfoundland, has a long and strange history. Once the lifeblood of the community, it is now closed, boarded up and sealed off. In 1933, a woman lost her husband in an accidental explosion underground. After his death she would come and watch the workers leaving, always hoping to see her husband walk out of the tunnel at the end of his shift… and then, one day he did, at least, in spirit. In the mines, the workers see the ghost of a young man who was killed on his first day by a falling rock. Some years later a woman sees a parade of dead miners at shift change time. Bell Island Iron Ore Mines… A spiritual place.

The Last Duel

The loser of Newfoundland's last legal duel haunts St. John's.

In 1827, a young military officer entered the officer's quarters near St. John's, Newfoundland. He was surprised to see one of his detachment sitting at the kitchen table, a loaded pistol in his hand, and a bullet hole in his head. Then the victim disappeared into thin air. Newfoundland has many famous ghost stories, but probably the most interesting is that of the Last Duel. It made history, as being the last legal duel to be fought in Newfoundland. However this final duel may not have ended; it may still be fought on some dark nights in St. John's. Although this duel was fought over one hundred and fifty years ago, and the winner has long been forgotten, yet the loser has lived on, in the legends of St. John's, Newfoundland.

Bell Island Hag

A supernatural Sea-Hag haunts a Bell Island's Dobbin's Gardens marsh.

Newfoundland's Bell Island is a place steeped in mysteries and legends. These are legends not merely passed down through the generations, but encountered first hand. They mainly revolve around Dobbin's Garden and the nearby marshes. They are stories of an Irish legend, the Banshee, a female spirit appointed to inform families of impending death. She comes in two forms: a beautiful woman in white, and a deformed old hag. Most encounters circle around the latter. Men have been known to walk through the small marshes, only to come out days later, not knowing where they are, or where they had been. They can only remember a putrid smell, and a grotesque old woman, in ragged clothes, crawling towards them from the bushes, forcing them to the ground with the smell of death.

Chez Brian

A St. John's bistro is home to spirits left behind by a previous business ---a funeral parlor.

The beautiful Chez Brian restaurant in St. Johns, Newfoundland is fairly new, but the building itself has a long and unusual history. At one time, a woman woke up in the building with the spirit of a man floating above her. The woman was unable to move, and as she lay paralyzed, the strange man placed two coins over her eyes. He seemed to be preparing her for burial. The spirit of another woman has been seen wandering the hallways; she has a long, jagged scar down her torso as if from a recent autopsy, but she walks around as though nothing happened, perhaps she doesn't know she is dead. While guests wine and dine at Chez Brian, a former mortuary seems to carry on unfinished business, but in spirit only.

Newman Wine Vaults

This wine vault contains spirits… and spirits.

The Newman Wine Vault in Newfoundland is a very frightening place, with a history of both ghostly and bizarre tales. After seeing what happened here, one might never look at a barrel of wine in the same way again. A long deceased slave, a baby, these are among the many ghosts which visit the Newman Wine Vaults in beautiful St. John's.