Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bell Island Iron Ore Mines

The ghosts of long dead Bell Island miners still work their shifts beneath Newfoundland's chilly waters.

Mine Number 2 on Bell Island, Newfoundland, has a long and strange history. Once the lifeblood of the community, it is now closed, boarded up and sealed off. In 1933, a woman lost her husband in an accidental explosion underground. After his death she would come and watch the workers leaving, always hoping to see her husband walk out of the tunnel at the end of his shift… and then, one day he did, at least, in spirit. In the mines, the workers see the ghost of a young man who was killed on his first day by a falling rock. Some years later a woman sees a parade of dead miners at shift change time. Bell Island Iron Ore Mines… A spiritual place.


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