Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chez Brian

A St. John's bistro is home to spirits left behind by a previous business ---a funeral parlor.

The beautiful Chez Brian restaurant in St. Johns, Newfoundland is fairly new, but the building itself has a long and unusual history. At one time, a woman woke up in the building with the spirit of a man floating above her. The woman was unable to move, and as she lay paralyzed, the strange man placed two coins over her eyes. He seemed to be preparing her for burial. The spirit of another woman has been seen wandering the hallways; she has a long, jagged scar down her torso as if from a recent autopsy, but she walks around as though nothing happened, perhaps she doesn't know she is dead. While guests wine and dine at Chez Brian, a former mortuary seems to carry on unfinished business, but in spirit only.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this restaurant doesn't exist!
I was told at the St. John's tourist office, that Chez
Briann closed down in 2010.
Even the street number was taken off the front of the building.
Apparently, too haunted!!

K. F.

6:56 p.m.  

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